Perfectly applied Helvetica Bold on the cover of this Book.

Neue Architektur in Ungarn - New Architecture in Hungary by Jeno Szendroi

(original title: Magyar Építészet 1940-70, Corvina press 1972)

Printed in 1978, ISBN 3 76670418 4

The inside images: Mall in the city of Salgotarjan (left) and Restaurant Tatika in Badacsony

…ah…I wish I could share more…this whole book is a miracleous collection of modern architecture in the ’70s. (Many of these buildings are hated in Hungary because of their brutality and the connection of Soviet ideology). For me, these landmarks represent clean manifestum of modern movement in Hungary.

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    vajon létezik-e még a Tátika vendéglő Badacsonyban?
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